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Son Solitaire is the newest project in-the-works from singer-songwriter and producer, Woody Russell. It is a vibrant synthesis of electronic/post-rock/nu-jazz with his more organic vocal and guitar-centric songcraft. The music is an expansion of Russell’s solo performances which have dominated his touring schedule for the past several years.

Coming Soon

“Son Solitaire represents, in many ways, my desire to expand what I am capable of as an artist who performs solo as often as I do by bringing more forward my use of music technology. It’s a very exciting time to be making music with tech advancing exponentially in genuinely inspiring and, most importantly, ‘musical’ ways. I’ve always worked with the latest tech in the studio, but less so with it in the forefront of my live performances. With Son Solitaire I am reconfiguring that balance between employing modern music tech and more traditional instrumentation. I’m a restless artist, which means I always want to move my work ahead; not only as an exploration for myself, but for an audience seeking new music experiences.” -WR